Monday, October 15, 2007

Tribe Takes Game 3!!!

In what seemed to be an impossible feat Joe Borowski managed to get three outs while allowing less than two runs. He even had the audacity to not allow any runners on base. So far thats 2 saves this postseason for JOBO. One rocky. One easy

The Indians stellar bullpen did not allow a baserunner after Jake Westbrook pitched a good but not great game. Westbrook was helped by 3 double plays as well as David Ortiz running into a groundball when he was in scoring position.

What more can be said about Kenny Lofton in the postseason. I'd personally like to thank the Texas Rangers for giving him to the Indians (and of course for giving the Red Sox Gagne as well).

Game 4: Tuesday 8 PM Fox
Byrd vs. (Hopefully) Wakefield

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