Friday, October 26, 2007

It's about time.

Genarlow Wilson was finally freed today. This was a miscarriage of justice where the letter of the law was taken above and beyond its intent by prosecutors. The shame of the case is that Wilson, a legitimate Division-I and possibly NFL prospect, is too old to capitalize. He was a star athlete and homecoming king — which I know doesn't actually speak to his character, but it shows how well-liked he was at his school — and was part of that tiny percentage of high school athletes who would have had a chance to go to college on a scholarship. That opportunity was taken away by laws that left no room for interpretation and by sentencing guidelines that left judges without any wiggle room to consider the facts of the case. In other words, once the sentence was handed down, the prison term/punishment was just a judge going through the motions. Yet one more example of why sentencing guidelines should be eliminated — they hamstring the people in government best able to decide how to punish a convicted criminal. Hopefully, Wilson will get over his term and get back to what was a very promising football career.

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