Monday, October 29, 2007


So on the same day this happened, A-Rod opted out. What a day for Yankees fans. What a day. On the plus side, they're gonna hire another Joe. But this has to rank up there with the worst days in the history of the Yankees. In this millenium, Red Sox 2, Yankees 0.

First off, A-Rod. What timing. I guess it fits; he's always had a tin ear for public relations, so why not announce his departure from the Yankees in the early innings of the Red Sox second World Series win in the last four seasons. Furthermore, with Crabbe and Goyle in charge, the Yankees might not get better anytime soon — My belief is that Cashman is gone after this season.

What kills me is how spoiled the city of Boston is right now. The Sox. The Celtics. Boston College. Even the Revolution are in the playoffs and the Bruins don't look half bad. Oh, and then there's these guys. Never have I been as jealous of one city in my life. Also, nothing against him personally or even as a writer (I like his columns), but every time I see his face, I want to beat it in with a socket wrench.

On the plus side, the Yankees won't have to worry about any of their players checking out sketchy he-shes anymore.

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Soccergo9 said...

Wow, the Yankees might need one year to rebuild to get back into the playoffs. Somebody call FEMA.

There is a reason that the Yankees have not won the World Series in the last 7 years despite having the highest payroll by far in all of those years. It is a horribly run franchise. But good job in letting the greatest player since Willy Mays leave. You didn't deserve him.

On the plus side at least we don't have to worry about hearing those annoying Red Sox fans complain anymore.