Thursday, October 11, 2007

In the beginning

So let's kick things off. I've been reading blogs and such since around the time I started high school, so I decided it's about time to start writing one. My goal is to cover sports and politics, my two main interests, along with a smattering of history, literature, movies, T.V. and other topics, through daily postings. We'll see how that goes. To get things started, let's just do a quick baseball post then a bog.

Bring back Torre, Mo and Jorge. And that other guy who hits a lot.
It seems as if there is almost no way this will happen, but all four of these people need to remain in New York if the Yankees hope to be a real contender next season. Torre is sadly the most dispensable, as it appears Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi and others are waiting in the wings. Still, the man has done the best managing of his career over the last couple of years, dealing with major injury problems, Sheffield, the Clemens circus, ineffective relief pitching and a mercurial superstar. Despite all of the issues this season, the Yankees came back from 14.5 back to nearly beat Boston out for the division, before being knocked out of the playoffs by a more complete team.

The sad thing is, if Mo, Jorge and A-Rod all return, N.Y. would again have one of the best teams in the league, especially with a rotation of Wang, Pettite, Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy. Muss would be expendable if they can move him. Ohlendorf and Clippard are still available in the minors as decent fifth wheel options, and Edwar Ramirez (who does have good stuff) would have a full offseason and spring training to work with the pitching coaches. Lose any one of the three players above, and the Yankees need to trade to fill major holes. If Chamberlain moves to the pen permanently to replace Rivera, the Yankees lose a guy who could be one of their top-three starters for several years. Lose Posada or A-Rod, and they need to move some combination of Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy or Ohlendorf to get major league production back. The farm system is pitching-rich (they also have Brackman, Betances and Cox, who should succeed Rivera), but they shouldn't need to trade one of those four right now.

John Schuerholz is leaving his post as GM of the Atlanta Braves but will stay on as team president. Frank Wren takes over. I remember Wren from his short-lived tenure as the Baltimore Oriole's G.M. To be fair, his owner was Peter Angelos, who seems intent on making 1980s version of George Steinbrenner look like the greatest owner in pro sports.

Michael Vick's high school took his jersey out of the trophy case. This is really more sad for the school than for Vick. The guy is probably the most famous alum ever from the school, and now they've got to disown him or face mobs of angry parents or dog owners. Another victory for Ron Mexico.

Father Time is back on the sidelines with the Carolina Panthers. It's just been one crotch shot after another for Steve Smith. On the plus side for Vinny, he could extend his touchdown streak Sunday if David Carr can't play.

Check back later for a politics post.

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