Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm all for sports, but this seems inappropriate...

As a quick preface: The Democrats are trying to pass a bill in Congress providing health care coverage to 10 million children. President Bush vetoed the bill a couple of weeks ago. The House Republicans just declared they have enough votes to uphold the veto. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on the issue:

"Neither side is going to leave these kids uninsured. It's become kind of a political football, which is really unfortunate. But the coverage is going to be provided in some way."

I mean, whether or not you're for or against this bill, doesn't it seem that "political football" /= "health care for 10 million children?"

Cue Jafar music from Aladdin
Looks like new Rupert Murdoch programming is in the not-too-distant future. Let this thought sink in: if Murdoch is successful, he could control the most important business media outlet and the most viewed business channel in the world. This would be scary enough if Murdoch didn't push news with a built-in bias. By the way, money paragraph from the AP story:

"Fox defines success — aside from ratings — as expanding the business news audience by "demystifying" the subject, according to Kevin Magee, the Fox News executive vice president in charge of the new business channel. There are plenty of people not watching business news because it's presented in an "off-putting" way, he said."

Possible Fox Business pitch:

Murdoch: Business news is too business-y. Ideas?
Underling: What if, instead of doing all that stock stuff, we just take out the numbers?
Murdoch: Brilliant. We could just tell people what to buy. Anyone else?
Underling No. 2: Wouldn't that be, you know, not business news?
Murdoch: Have you ever watched Fox News?
U2: I prefer CNN and the BBYYAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (Murdoch pushes button dropping Underling No. 2 into a pit with the Rancor. He is instantly swallowed whole.)
Murdoch: Any other smart guys?
Underling No. 3: How about we make the tagline, "Murdoch: Australian for News"
Murdoch: Run with it!

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