Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eastern Conference Preview

Predicting the teams who will make the playoffs in the East.

  • 1. Chicago Bulls
    • Assuming they get Kobe for a combination of Gordon and Deng they will have the deepest team in the league. Kobe will be even more successful when he does not have to do everything by himself. If they don't trade for Kobe switch this team's ranking with the Cavs.
  • 2. Cleveland Cavs
    • LeBron James is a year older with a much improved jump shot. Hughes is healthy. Pavlovic is resigned and Varejao will be soon. Can't understand why some people think this team will go from making the finals to missing the playoffs.
  • 3. Washington Wizards
    • Gilbert Arenas' contract year. Not much more needs to be said.
  • 4. Boston Celtics
    • A lot of talent and a lot of questions. Will Peirce remain healthy? Will Garnett stay happy? Is Allen too old? Can a team win with no point guard and no bench?
  • 5. Detroit Pistons
    • Easily the most overated team in the Eastern Conference. Nobody seems to remember that this team got outplayed and was lucky to win even two games against the Cavs in the playoffs last year. The same Cavs team that was missing Larry Hughes and started Eric Snow at the point. Sheed, Chauncey, and the gang are all getting older and it will show during the regular season.
  • 6. Miami Heat
    • They still have Dwayne Wade and Shaq has one more good year left in him.
  • 7. Orlando Magic
    • This is the year that Dwight Howard makes the transition from All-Star to MVP. He is going to win the slam dunk contest too.
  • 8. New York Knicks
    • Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry might be the best offensive frontcourt in the East. With David Lee coming off the bench they might not be a lottery team this year. Hopefully Dolan will give Isiah a 10 year extension.

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