Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And so should the Canton Bulldogs!!!

Don Shula came out and said the New England Patriots should have an asterisk next to the season if they go undefeated this season due to Spygate.

From the ESPN.com story:
"The Spygate thing has diminished what they've accomplished," Shula said in an interview with the New York Daily News. "You would hate to have that attached to your accomplishments. They've got it."

Now, he's backing down. I guess the bubbly just got to his head. Glad he did though, as it would have been a ridiculous comment.

Look at that team for a moment. The combined record of the Dolphins' opponents was 70-108-4, excluding games against Miami. Look at this regular season schedule:

at Kansas City (8-6)
vs. Houston (1-13)
at Minnesota (7-7)
at Jets (7-7)
vs. San Diego (4-9-1)
vs. Buffalo (4-9-1)
at Baltimore (5-9)
at Buffalo (4-9-1)
vs. New England (3-11)
vs Jets (7-7)
vs. St. Louis (4-9-1)
at New England (3-11)
vs. Giants (8-6)
vs. Baltimore (5-9)

They played only two teams with records better than .500 and only one of those two on the road. They didn't play any other division winners, and only played two teams — K.C. and the Jets — that finished as high as second in their respective divisions.

What's more, they got five of their final six games at home, with just one, 3-11 New England, away from South Beach. They won their three playoff games, against Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington, by a combined 17 points. That's the SPREAD on most of New England's games this season.

New England is not necessarily a better team (although if both teams played today, who would be favored?), but they deserve the same honor and recognition accorded the '72 Dolphins if the Pats go undefeated this season.

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